Only believe what the work can tell you as only the work will travel through time

After over 30 years of working with clay we have slowly built an understanding I know what she won’t do, she knows what I want to say, bends to my will, sometimes reluctantly. Such wonder....not just pleasure.... but hard work.

Brisbane QPAC 2010 Tony Gould Gallery 6 July - 12 September

Last solo show in Belgium - Roeselare 2008
Last one in Brisbane 2010

Technical Information

My work is almost all coil constructed from a grogged clay.
It can reach up to 2.5 meters in height with a wall thickness of 2 cm max.
My left hand is working within the piece - - while my right hand describes the form.
The internal spaces are cavernous and articulated by ribs, buttresses, vaults and arches.
After slow drying and a firing to 1100 degrees, they are sometimes glazed but mostly painted
with diluted acrylics till the desired depth of colour is achieved

Commissions take an average of 3 months to complete
Please contact Els to check availability
Prices from $1000